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Walker, Texas Ranger TV Series | Where to Watch?: 4x23

The Siege

Walker and his friends are on a fishing trip in the wilderness in a cabin run by Hank Cotton an old friend of Walker and CD. Meanwhile a group of Drug Runners ran by Glen Larkin and his younger brother Chip lay seige to this place and when they find an elderly couple who promise not to ever testify against them. However Glen shoots them dead anyway because no matter what he never leaves behind a witness. Meanwhile Alex is taking a ride with Bobby; Hanks son who is the Park ranger and they see the Larkins pick up a case of heroin Alex recognizes them and despite her warning to wait for Walker Bobby knows that they would be gone by then and orders them with their hands up unaware that one of Larkins men is sneaking up behind Bobby and shoots him. Alex narrowly gets Bobby back to the truck and head back to the lodge with the Larkins closely behind Walker and Trivette hear the gun shots Trivette thinks it is hunters but Walker knows that hunters don’t use Automatic Guns. Once Alex and the

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Apr. 27, 1996

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